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Christmas is early this year…

Guess what arrived from the land down undah today? My Senso Delilah Aztecs. Enter Shriek here and here and here. I haven’t been this excited about a shoe since, well never. You have to love shoes to appreciate the Delilah’s cuz they are not your typical shoes. I’m a size 6 and my feet are tiny, but the shoes doesn’t have a zipper & its a little tight getting your feet in there. Although, once its in its true to size, but the issue is getting your feet inside. Definitely size up people.

Solestruck is the exclusive reseller in the U.S. and from what I hear its supposed to be any day now.

Happy shoes day! We should declare Wednesday’s as shoes day, ladies.

I will take more pictures when I get home, I am so excited about them that I had to share here from work.


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