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Freaky Friday

Hello everyone. I’m back! Blogger has been buggy the last 24 hours (in case you haven’t noticed) and I haven’t been able to sign in til now. Cooler Friday in NYC compared to yesterday’s weather.  Unfortunately, I got sick last nite and I’m at work now, praying the day ends.

On a happier note, 7 more days til I leave for my island vacation in Belize. I am so excited!!! As you all know, I desperately need some R&R. The past week or so, yours truly has been working extra-hard to compile posts for you guys that should keep you entertained while I am away on my 12 day holiday.

Wanted to share some photos from this past weekend. Here I am on a better day wearing my favorite tribal romper and my wicked funky monkey socks, Jessica Simpson DANY in Grey, all accessories from Forever 21, except for the shades & the cuff which is both by H&M.

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