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Hi everyone! Can you believe it has already been a year?! Thanksgiving is here yet again only this year I didn’t blog as much as the previous year. I tried my best to be around more often, but its become quite a challenge to juggle my life. Plenty of changes occurred (career wise and personal) to complicate my life even further – you know cause I love a challenge I just had to add a long distance relationship with my Hungarian boyfriend who currently resides in Deutschland. Blogging took a back seat while I recharged and sorted myself out and now that I’m back, I’m determined to post more not just for the sake of posting. After all, the Tribeca shoot was pretty awesome (in my opinion) and hard to follow. So to keep you up to date to what I’ve been up to this year, I recently came back from Europe on a fun-filled vacation that started in Munich, Germany – I finally went to OKTOBERFEST!!!! that’s one thing off my bucket list. For those of you who haven’t gone, its a must! From Munich we drove to Prague, Czech Republic for some wild times (The Las Vegas of Eastern Europe) followed by a visit to historic Wein (Vienna) Austria then back to Munich for more debauchery. I’ll be posting more pictures of this trip on my instagram filled with the Austrian Countryside, the oppulent Prague and Vienna and the craziness that goes on during Oktoberfest. 2012 has been incredibly good – I can’t wait for 2013.
So every year I look forward to the cold months, not only for hot beverages, accessories and such, but mainly because I can wear my Marciano by GUESS over-the-knee boots(a good investment-take note!) to keep me extra warm while looking fashionable.  Living in New York has its perks and one of them being able to wear these bad ass babies without feeling out of place.  I especially love the lace up style in the back which can be easily adjusted and the soft supple leather and wedge style for comfort (I’ve danced in them for hours).
What’s your cold weather fashion staple?

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