Forever 21 Earrings,  HandM Sunglasses,  HandM Top,  Lancome Lip Gloss,  Socks by Me Moi,  Steve Madden Shoes,  Thrifted Necklace

Manic Mondays

Outfit Post from Monday. So as most of you guys know, I work for a corporate law firm and the dress code is pretty square. I try to make it, as less square as possible by adding colorful accessories and fun shoes, you will rarely find me sans heels. Quite a leap from working in the fashion industry, where I was able to express myself through my clothes and pushing the boundaries was the norm, says the girl who wore 70s pants with a tie dye vest & clogs in the early 90s.

I love Sadia’s look, she always has the best accessories.We influence
each other like sisters, except she could never get me to wear flats lol.

Sadia (best bud whom I  also work with) & I, took these pictures right outside work. So next time you guys are in the area, come say hi. By the way guys, I had this idea that Sadia should be doing beauty posts in my blog. She is always on the prowl for new beauty products to try out, she always shares with me how her little experiment went. So I figure it would be perfect for her to share with you too. Countless of our lunch breaks are spent at Sephora, MAC, H&M, Zara etc. So what do you guys think about my idea?

H&M Top
Forever 21 Earrings
Thrifted Necklace
H&M Sunglasses
Steve Madden Shoes
Socks by Me Moi
Lancome Juicy Tube Lipgloss in Rose Fishnet

Photos by Sadia

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