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No Trespassing

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Jeffrey Campbell Combat Boots,
H&M Skirt, Steve Madden Socks & Forever 21 sweater.

Jeffrey Campbell Combat Boots

Have you ever missed something from your childhood. A piece of clothing, shoes or accessories perhaps. A favorite of yours when you were a child and something you held on to like a security blanket. Mine was a red Hello Kitty bag from kindergarten lol – dorky I know, but I rocked the playground with that bag.
This winter I thought a lot about sweaters gifted during the holidays and I started to yearn for my fair isle sweater.  Unfortunately, I no longer fit in mine and since they are quite hard to find and not to mention expensive (I don’t live with my parents anymore so you know – a girl’s got to pay rent & buy shoes) I settled for a fair isle pattern sweater that would go perfectly with my blue corduroy skirt.  I was going for a country feel, but a little hipper J These are my very first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Who would’ve guessed the ripple effect one pair of shoes

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