Jeffrey Campbell Shadow,  Leather skirt,  Neon sunglasses,  Sequined Top

Serious Damage – Jeffrey Campbell Shadow

Jeffrey Campbell SHADOW

Hola amigas & amigos! Happy Friday the 13th!!! Now that my boss has left my firm things have quieted down, and the prospect of being able to blog more & take photos often is definitely in the horizon. For 2012, I’m looking into making my blog better for you guys, but without straying away from what this blog is really about. Most of you already know that the premise for this blog was to showcase my love for shoes (I’m not only member, but I’m also the president – shoeaddict, here (“,) ) and the amount of fabulous shoes in my closet. Although, 2011 was good to me, it didn’t really leave me a lot of time to execute the vision I originally had in place for my blog. Here I thought, this is going to be a piece of cake, little did I know that blogging would take more out of my life than anything I’d ever imagine. Its like having another job, oh wait it is another job. Not that I’m complaining I love both my jobs, but the enemy is always time. Time to do everything I imagined, but alas life intervenes and here I am still with no post of my shoe closet. It might be that all my shoes are packed in boxes and the thought of taking them out of boxes and repacking them really puts this weight on me. But damn it, I have got to do it. Any volunteers? You’re welcome to come over & help me out and if you’re a size 6, I have some new shoes that I’ve never worn & I’m willing to part with. Maybe I should make a video, hmmm? That sounds like a wondrous idea.
During the holidays the amount of SALES out there can be overwhelming, but I stood my ground and waited for something out of this world to fall into my lap. I present to you my xmas gift to myself (yay to me), the Jeffrey Campbell Shadow. One bad ass perfect for the urban jungle.

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