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Where do you stand? Occupy Wall Street

As a New York, taxpayer & consumer its hard to ignore the thievery & corruption that has been plaguing America. While on twitter 2 weeks ago, I read someone’s post which posed the question, “Why is there no coverage of Occupy Wall Street from NY Bloggers?” I myself had not written a thing about it. After all, I’m a fashion blogger, “What could it possibly do with me, right?” Well it has a lot to do with me, with us. We the consumers drive two-thirds of economic activity. The way corporations & lawmakers operate greatly affect us. We owe it to ourselves to pay closer attention.
Last week, while perusing this season’s “Conscious Collection” at H&M (42nd St. & 5th Avenue store) I could not help, but notice that their price tags are higher than normal. A trend, I have been noticing lately from Urban Outfitters to Zara, to Mango & Forever 21. As costs for labor and raw materials rise, we are forced to pay significantly more for products that are inferior. Poor quality + higher prices = inflation.
Inflation has arrived and the era when retailers & manufacturers absorbed price increases to protect consumers is over. Consumer prices are expected to increase significantly this fall and into the holiday season. Pay close attention next time you’re at the cash register, you will definitely feel the squeeze.
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Photos by: Steve Zhuklevich
Zuccoti Park

Special thanks go out to Steve Zhuklevich who took these photos.

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  • azu

    I loooove this! These are some amazing and inspiring pictures.

    I was thinking of doing another post on this because sometimes I think that people still don't know exactly what "Occupy Wall Street" means. I received an email from someone I know that linked an article to what OWS really means. It was just an opinion, but it was fueled by disinformation. It pretty much said that capitalism is evil and that OWS is about liberals vs conservatives. I was like, WOW!

    This is exactly why I don't watch TV anymore. And TV is another great example of being mislead. They don't show you the reality of what is going on.

    Thank you for sharing these pictures and for continuing on being an inspiration.


    Your Sole Sista (and OWS sista lmao)


  • Cinderella's Closet

    Hey sole sistah! I know what you mean. People don't really understand OWS other than what they hear on the news. As if the news/media can really be trusted these days. We seem to be forgetting that corporations now own media outlets.

    Most people turn a blind eye because its not affecting them directly and don't realize what it means for us all in the long run. Some people just miss the point all together & yes, make it about liberals vs conservatives.

    Its a real shame that, we the people, are divided in this fight when we should be united.

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