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Gaga for Vanessa

Gaining an hour back really does make a whole lot of difference. Today, I feel recharged. Finally some decent sleep over the weekend. 1st Monday in a really long time that I am awake, not groggy. How about that. Well I guess, I need to work on getting more of this thing called sleep.
So, how was your weekend? Anything exciting? As for moi, Hubby & I ventured into Queens (1 of NYC’s 5 boroughs & #2 behind, Manhattan IMO) for some Italian & Colombian food. One thing we miss the most about living in Queens is the food. The choices will make your head spin, all thanks to Queens diverse group of residents. We shared fried calamari and chicken marsala for lunch. And for dinner, we had penne ala vodka with Colombian empanadas as our appetizer. Just the though of it now makes my mouth salivate. We’re returning again this weekend for some Turkish food, yum! 
Here are some photos of me & my well rested self taken by the hubby yesterday. Wearing: Jeffrey Campbell Vanessa via Plum for Polly, H&M tiered dress (on sale $7), H&M jacket, H&M long faux fur scarf, H&M accessories, Me Moi tights, Invicta gold watch.

I love this long faux fur scarf from H&M.
Reminds me of Russian winters.
 Jeffrey Campbell Vanessa

I’m guarding my closet with my life 😀

Jeffrey Campbell Vanessa

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  • caramellitsa

    HI dear!!!
    how are you??
    i love this look the tights are just amazing!!!!
    it's been so crazy for me too i dont have enough time to spend it on my laptop unfortunately i feel very tired from my everyday schedule but anyway it's always nice to relax a bit by checking out my fav blogs 🙂

    hope you are OK :DD
    kisses Pamela!!

  • SoNotIram

    Loving this outfit so much! I wish I had your shoe collection 🙂

    Glad to hear you've had some good rest over the weekend. I've been so ill lately which does in fact mean I've had a LOT of sleep! 🙂


  • azu

    Hahaha! I like the pic of you guarding your closet. If I had all of your shoes, I'd guard mine like that too lol.

    And I have to tell you that you look so pretty all the time. With or without makeup 🙂

    PS. I am always amazed at how Jeffrey Campbell comes up with so many gorgeous shoes. All the time! And they all look good.



  • Janette

    Haha! You TOOOOOTAALLLY look rested! I think that hour does make a huge difference.. I still keep going to bed at the same old time..and I wake up early all ready and refreshed.. When the time change comes back I won't be miserable for losing an hour…
    And I want to go to Queens! They probably have excellent Persian food.. although Turkish food sounds amazing too.. YUMMMY!

    Janette, the Jongleur


    Thanks for your kind words!Oh my god, your hair. I assume I have mentioned it before but it's so beautiful! Hahaha, I laughed so hard about your hypothetic 'tall chinky eyed bad lil kids' my dog ran away from me. I bet they will look like Nicole Scherzinger, her roots are quite similar.
    There are very few fashion magazines here in Belgium. We have the 'Flair', but it's not fashion-fashion, it's more lifestyle. I always get the American/British Vogue and the Dutch GLAMOUR. The GLAMOUR is a little bit similar to the ELLE magazine.
    Haha everyone thinks I'm adapted to the winter cold because I'm Russian, too. That and vodka. Everyone always pressumes I am a hell of a drinker, which I am not at all :p I always say 'drink liquor age quicker', and I don't want to age at all! Oh and I'm happy someone can pronounce my last name. It's 'tjerno-ok' (black eyed), but all of the teachers used to pronounce it like 'her-nook'…And 'her' in Russian means…, well…ask your husband 😀 xoxo

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