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Temperature Rising

With Daniel Ramirez, CEO of Estilo Skateboards

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With Daniel Ramirez, CEO of Estilo Skateboards

Pleasure to shoot with Daniel Ramirez, CEO of Estilo Skateboards

Hey guys! I can’t even describe how good it feels to be back. Cinderella’s Closet will be undergoing a lot of changes, but rest assured they are all good. For instance, I have decided to partner with others for my shoots.  Starting with this one, Daniel Ramirez is a NY native, whose not only a skater, but the CEO of a start-up Skateboard brand called, “Estilo Skateboards.” We hope our partnership of skateboards and fashion can bring you more exciting pictures soon.  In my absence, I have been traveling quite a lot.  I recently returned from Paris (dream come true) and spent the past 3 or so years gallivanting all over Europe.  I hope to share some of those experiences with you despite not having my DSLR. I think my iPhone photos will suffice. For the latest, you can always follow me on my INSTAGRAM and TWITTER @NarikoNYC. I can’t thank all of you enough for your loyalty and support throughout the years. I have missed you more than you know. With that said, let’s get this party going.

You’re certain you made the right decision when the shoes you’ve been coveting turn heads while you’re wearing them. That’s exactly the case, when I decided to treat myself to these simple black eye catching lace-up platforms Privileged by (J.C. Dossier). They’re available in a variety of colors; red, blue and teal (sparkly). But I specifically chose the black ones since it would go well with so many different outfits. They can be worn with jeans, skirts and dresses. Its versatile that it can be worn both dressed up or dressed down. I’ll be posting a much simpler look wearing skinny jeans and a white t-shirt and you can judge for yourself how these babies simply shine. As for comfort and height, if you’re not used to wearing very high heels I wouldn’t recommend starting out with these babies. They are on the comfortable side, but the height can be daunting for those who never wear heels on a daily basis.

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