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Toga Party

Guten Morgen everyone! So far, I am having an exciting, fun Summer here in the big apple, but due to the overcrowding (who doesn’t love NYC in the Summer) I’m looking forward to a little time away. In the meantime, I find refuge from this congestion in places in the city that has not been advertised in a movie or tv show. And for that, I am deeply grateful for these places that I can still call my own, free from the crowds, and transports me back to the old New York I remember and love.
I dug up this dress from my closet with price tag attached, it fell into my pile of bought, but never worn. Procured in 2009, but never worn until Spring 2012 (these photos were taken in April). How I managed to make it look like its 80 degrees out, is beyong me since it was freezing that day. Back to the dress, what I love about it is that it reminds me of GREECE. It also oozes summer, throw on a jacket and voila it adds automatic sohpistication. Now, when it comes to wearing a dress that is long & loose fitting-I have a strict rule that I follow. The 4 inches or higher rule, it provides a deliberate balance which prevents the dress from overwhelming my tiny frame. Y’all agree?
Pamela Zhuklevich
Twitter & Instagram: ShoeAddictNYC

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  • ravenlocks

    Lovely look. That dress is very Goddess-like. I just love the way you paired it with that jacket!

    It's funny because when I looked at the background I thought it looked cold. I don't know why, but sometimes cold days are easily captured on film. It's a pretty background 🙂

    Have a great day, Pamela!



  • EuSouPerlinha

    I actually did think this was going to be a 'what to wear to a toga party" post. Lol
    Anyway, I really love this! Your jacket is so cute!
    I look forward to hearing/seeing more from you so feel free to stop by whenever you wish 😉

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